Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rome Open City, 1945, Grade A

Director Roberto Rossellini
Awards?  Yes at least it was nominated for best screen play
Cast:  Also Fabrizi,  Anna Magnani; Marcello Pagliero; Vito Annicchiarico; Nando Bruno;  Harry Feist;  Giovanna Galletti; Francesco Grandhacquet --and actual German Soldiers who were--at the time of the films production, prisoners of war.

PLOT: even the communist and the catholic church can work together when it come to fighting Nazi Occupiers in Rome...resistance fighters and and Nazi trying to catch them--after all they are breaking 'the law'

sez says: wow--filmed in 1945 just as Rome was liberated by the Americans-- and wile the Germans were still occupying other parts of Italy.  Filmed in the streets -- and effectively done.  It isn't so much the story that is great (we all know the story) --but the whole thing fits together perfectly: the time it was done, the look of the piece, the acting, the urgency -it all comes together to make a fine film.

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